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Male 16 yrs A web page that points a browser to a different page after 0.001 seconds If your browser doesn't automatically go there within a few seconds, you may want to go to the destination manually.

16 yrs      
60m Shane Harding 7.32 2012
100m Shane Harding 11.13 2012
200m Mike Masonovich 22.71 2007
300m Sam Testa 38.68 2009
400m Mike Atkins 51.41 1994
600m TJ Kountourgiannis 1.30.91 2011
800m Jeremy Rae 01:59.4 2007
1500m Jeremy Rae 04:00.4 2007
3000m Jeremy Rae 08:48.4 2007
50m H Guy Fazio 7.6 1983
60m H Vihn Le 9.66 2009
100m H Lenny Dimberio 14.93 2007
110m H Stephen Hume 17.16 2007
300m H Sam Testa 41.3 2009
400m H Ian Archer 01:00.4 1989
1500m S/C Andrew West 05:15.4 2002
2000m S/C Thomas McRae 06:37.8 2008
LJ David Kapetanovic 6.36m 2012
HJ Jason Munro 2.00m 1988
TJ Vihn Le 13.1m 2009
Pole Vault Matt Diston 4.00m 2008
SP 4kg Ray Dykstra 15.32m 2008
SP 5kg Ray Dykstra 13.17m 2008
SP12lb Dave Adamek 15.90m 2000
SP 16lb John Adamek 10.70m 2001
DT 1kg Troy Sider 50.17m 2004
DT 1.5kg Ray Dykstra 38.26m 2008
DT 1.6kg John Adamek 41.95m 2001
DT 2 kg Jeff Munro 23.42m 1990
JT 600g Ray Dykstra 58.60m 2008
JT 700g Ray Dykstra 56.41m 2008
JT 800g John Adamek 42.52m 2001
HT 4kg Ray Dykstra 36.13m 2008
HT 5kg Ray Dykstra 32.31m 2008
HT 12lb Dave Adamek 48.84m 2000
Ht 16lb John Adamek 31.80m 2001
In WT 20lb John Adamek 14.57m 2001
Quadrathlon Lowell Tupman 2700 pts 1995

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